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Joseph Cyril Schuster, M.D.

Internal Medicine

175 Cedar Lane

Teaneck, New Jersey

July 21, 2015

re: Tavern Cafe

To whom it may concern:

Tavern Cafe cites several possible health benefits including weight loss and augmentation of the immune system. These possible benefits are based on the available data on the two primary ingredients in Tavern Cafe, namely green coffee and reishi mushrooms.

As always in medicine, and science in general, the available information dictating our beliefs is incomplete and liable to change over time as has happened recently with regards to cholesterol and fats in our diets.

But the following facts can be safely said: alpha-glucosidase is an enzyme of the intestinal tract that facilitates the absorption of sugars into the blood stream. A prescription drug, acarbose, is used to block the action of alpha-glucosidase in the treatment of diabetes. This drug has also been demonstrated to induce weight loss. Green coffee has chlorogenic acid which also inhibits the action of alpha-glucosidase.

Thus I can conclude that green coffee with sufficient amounts of chlorogenic acid can lessen the absorption of sugars and contribute to weight loss. The degree of weight loss can be argued and of course dependent on several factors but the basic mechanism as noted above is established. The duration of any weight loss likewise is impossible to predict due the vicissitudes of life and people's behavior.

Reishi mushroom extracts have shown with in vitro research and in vivo research (in animals) to have several benefits that augment the immune systems. Other studies suggest it may improve urinary tract symptoms, exert a lowering of sugars levels in diabetics and antiproliferative effects among other potential benefits.

In small clinical studies reishi mushroom extracts have shown to improve the immune responses in patients leading me to conclude that reishi mushrooms probably has benefits with regards to the immune systems.

This is a basic summary of what these third party lab results are showing;

• The percentage of polysaccharides and Beta-Glucans in our coffee

What are polysaccharides and Beta Glucans and what do they do:

• Beta-Glucans are naturally occurring polysaccharides (sugars)

• The immune-stimulating properties of mushrooms are derived from the biologically active polysaccharides (stimulates immune system)

How to consume Beta-Glucans from Reishi mushrooms:

• Reishi mushrooms are not a culinary mushroom as they are woody, hard and extremely bitter

Tavern Café Substantiation Package

Q - Support for the claims “world’s 1st all natural unroasted green coffee” and “with all most double the…”

A -Third party lab testing for chlorogenic acid in tavern unroasted green coffee:

A - Beta-Glucans in Tavern Coffee:

Reishi Coffee - Grounds, 010 13-0826 Beta Glucans, MYBG 0.432 %

Reishi Coffee – Grounds, 010 0826 Total Polysaccharide, 30.54% mg dextran/gram

Q - Substantiation for the general performance and weight loss claims

A - Also here are some article on the health benefits and weight loss benefits of chlorogenic acid:

This one is interesting as it states what we show in the attached documents that roasting coffee removes most of the chlorogenic acid:

Red Rishi

It is well known that beta-Glucans from Red Reishi mushrooms are highly bio-active and can contribute significantly to a healthy diet. Finding a pure source of Red Reishi mushrooms is a challenge due to the uncertainty of finding a pure source from Asia. Our Red Reishi is a pure linage of mushrooms derived from the Penn State collection with the high concentrations of our mushrooms certified by an independent third party lab. Eastern cultures refers to the Reishi mushroom as the "mushroom of immortality" and the "medicine of kings," and the word Reishi (灵芝, ling zhi) comes from Japanese culture meaningmagnificent mushroom. Reishi mushrooms actually have a symbiotic relationship with its targeted food source as they take what they need for food, remove impurities and give back its nutritional compounds such as Beta Glucans (polysaccharides) that becomes infused in the coffee beans. Reishi mushrooms are considered a supper food and have significantly more bio-active form of beta-Glucans (1,3)(1,6) than other known source such as oat grains (1,4). Beta-Glucans has been scientifically proven to maintain and support healthy immune response. Our food process platform leverages gourmet mushrooms to remove bitterness, acidy and naturally occurring toxins from coffee and infuses the health benefits of these very well-known mushrooms. Our approach delivers a sweeter, smoother and more complex tasting coffee with no need to add cream or sugar. We hope you enjoy our coffee!

Note: in the study roasted coffee was used containing 33.9 m CGA. Since ours is non roasted it is 1000 times more powerful. The other coffee used was the Instant Nescafe Green Coffee which is ½ green coffee (containing 80.8m CGA) with a blend of Roasted coffee so it is drinkable. Our coffee is 100 % green coffee containing twice as much CGA since it is not a blend plus the Beta Glucans that build the immune system. Roasting cooks off 55% of the CGA.

Our mycelation process impacts this component of our Green CoffeeTea over the moon

Polyphenol antioxidants are naturally occurring components of many plants and are therefore found in high levels in food and drinks made from plants such as fruit and vegetables.

In clinical trials, the polyphenol antioxidants from coffee have been shown to be absorbed by the body and to have health supporting effects which may protect the body against everyday cell damage.

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