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Holiday Pork Loin

easy to medium

Time / Servings
  • Total time:
  • Prep time:
  • Cook time:
  • Makes: 4 Servings
Secret Ingredient: Tavern on the Green Smokin’ Chipotle Sauce
You Will Need:
11 Pork Loin ¼ cup Tavern on the Green Smokin' Chipotle Sauce 3 sprigs Freshly ground fresh rosemary 3 cloves garlic, thinkly sliced good amount of fresh carrots, sliced ¼" thick lengthwise to cover one of the loins ground pepper to taste salt to taste

Easy Preparation:
  1. Place the pork loin on a protected surface. Dry with a white paper towel.
  2. Place the loin inside a zip top bag and marinate with Tavern on the Green Smokin' Chipotle Sauce. Marinate for 30 to 60 minutes.
  3. After marinating cover the top of the loin with the slivers of garlic, followed by the strips of carrot and the sprigs of rosemary. Season with salt and the freshly ground pepper.
  4. Grill or roast until internal temperature reaches 145º - 150º F. Remove from oven and let rest. The internal temperature will continue to rise until reaching 155º - 160º (approx. 25-30 minutes per pound