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Franchise Opportunities

Tavern on the Green International is taking that special, unique, pampered and iconic experience 'on the road' to people outside the tri-state area. The Company is establishing a boutique network of restaurants to evoke a feeling of escape for the consumer. Restaurants will bring to mind memories of original visits to the space in New York City but they will be updated to offer the warm service, aesthetic and contemporary atmosphere that people have come to expect of restaurants as the new 'accessible' private club. (Not affiliated with Tavern on the Green in Central Park.)

The very mention of the "Tavern on the Green" brings a smile to the face of any past guest as memories of magical moments cross their mind. A trip to Central Park was incomplete without going to the legendary Tavern on the Green restaurant that operated from 1934 to 2009. Such was the restaurant's fame that it was the 4th most visited tourist attraction in the city.

Restaurant statistics:

served over 17 million guests in the last 35 years

was frequented by actors, musicians and politicians

featured in 51 films and TV globally

was 'the most requested restaurant' globally by American Express in 2007

2nd highest grossing independently-owned restaurant in the U.S.

served 670,000 guests in 2007, with $38 million in sales

Top 5 National earnings status in Restaurant Institutions annual survey; several consecutive years

A study of over 1000 people in 20 cities conducted by the Kinnaman Group in 2010 found that "Tavern on the Green" had established a long lasting and positive impression throughout the USA. This study concluded that the brand was recognized by 62% of participants of which:

85% were extremely or moderately likely to try a Tavern on the Green restaurant in their city.

79% were likely to try gourmet food products.

78% were likely to try a Tavern on the Green restaurant in another city.

Intellectual Property

Tavern on the Green Properties, LLC currently owns the Use Agreement with the New York City for the use of Tavern On The Green® name and all associated Intellectual Property in the United States and worldwide for:

Restaurants Gift Stores Coffee and Food Products Wines and Liquors Tabletop House Wares Home-decor.

Foreign Registrations: Trademarks in Japan, UAE, Canada, China, Europe, UK, Turkey and Korea

*(Does not include part s of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and all of Connecticut.)

Charitable Mission

The goal: Establish a support channel for the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children.

NCMEC works tirelessly to find missing children. Since 1984, it has assisted in 191,000 recoveries of missing children, prevented the sexual exploitation of the nation's youth, and delivered prevention education to allow a safer childhood. NCMEC relies on innovative alliances, such as that with Tavern on the Green International, to increase awareness of its mission and bolster its funding base.

A 2008 study revealed the social cost of child abuse and neglect - at least

$104 billion. Money aside, studies cannot capture the value of a life lost and the consequences to a life derailed. Tavern on the Green International wanted to address this dreadful, widespread yet hushed problem.

Franchising Opportunity

The Initial Franchise Fee is based on the population within the proposed territory of ten cents ($0.10) per person with a minimum of 1.5-million population; $150,000 min to a max of $250,000.

• 6% of weekly Gross Sales up to $10,000,000; Grading down to 4½ % of

Gross Sales over $20,000,000

The restaurants will be designed to be identifiable to the original. It will offer a more modern feel.

Typical unit size 6,000 to 8,000 sq. ft. inside accompanied by outdoor space.

They will feature aspects of the original such as the famous Chandelier room, trees wrapped with tea lights, stained glass windows, park benches, an entrance canopy and a doorman among other things.

The Company's growth strategy involves fostering dining locations in key markets around the world.

While there may be 'company owned' restaurants, most locations will be operated by like-minded partners under a Franchising agreement.

The Company is looking for partners who understand the restaurant industry, understand the history and global reach of the brand and want to seize this opportunity to replicate the success of the Tavern on the Green.


Franchises will have the right to operate under the following trademarked names: In the United States - Tavern on the Green [Insert relevant city name] Outside the United States - Tavern on the Green

Only one restaurant per major city (or designated territory) will be allowed to operate under the Tavern on the Green International LLC umbrella.

Absentee ownership will be allowed, provided a designated full-time CEO is hired as a general manager.

A business development manager and Tavern Chef are also required staff

An operation manual and training will be provided to help partners recreate the environment of the original Central Park restaurant.

Certain menu items will be standardized across all venues but flexibility will be allowed to cater to specific local tastes.


Initially 10 years; with a 10-year renewal option on the 10th and 20th anniversaries - 30 years maximum.


Partners in the Tavern on the Green International network of restaurants are members of a team that will offer its clients fine dining and curated experiences that enhance their lifestyles. The environments are designed to evoke a languid 'il dolce far niente' sensation rather than that of a harried chain .

Franchise Partners will benefit from:

Exclusive rights to a well-loved and restricted brand name that will attract thousands and boost sales

World class training by professionals from the Tavern on the Green in Central Park

Secret recipes used in the original restaurant and lauded by food critics

Well-appointed design and decor by top designers and architects

Construction Assistance

Financial Assistance (within EB-5 territories)

A select and compact network that will allow members to share best practices and easily commune with headquarters at Tavern on the Green International; and

Most importantly, a built-in opportunity to use the business world to drive social change; a chance to help save one child at a time.

Lou Bivona